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Isotonix OPC3 –
Why You Should Drink Your Vitamins


Isotonic Vitamin - A Liquid Supplement


Isotonix OPC3 is a liquid antioxidant that comes in an isotonic solution.   Drinking your vitamins is the best way the benefits of OPCs can be absorbed more quickly and more thoroughly when in an isotonic solution.  Without the need to break down in order to be absorbed, hardly any nutrients are lost in the absorption process.  Traditional vitamins are absorbed at a rate of about 20% while 95% of isotonic vitamins OPC3 is absorbed and utilized to help the body in many ways.  Read More about Isotonix OPC3

Isotonic Solution -
Easy on Your Body and Your Mind

Isotonic Vitamins gives you benefit from the nutrients


Isotonic Solution is a term that refers to the efficiency with which the body can absorb and use nutrients.  This complex issue can be spoken of in regards to nutrients in food or, more commonly, nutrients found in multivitamins and isotonic vitamins.  This is an important issue of concern because if your body cannot absorb what you are ingesting, you will not benefit from the levels of nutrients you want and need.  With the delivery of isotonics, the concern is abated because of the way in which isotonic vitamin nutrients are delivered.  Read more about Isotonic Vitamins


Isotonix OPC3 –
Grape seed, pine bark and red wine extract isotonic solutions


Isotonix OPC3, a powerful isotonic antioxidant, can offer many benefits to every person who takes it.  As an antioxidant, Isotonix OPC3 benefits you by helping to destroy free radicals and oxidative stress.  This is important because when left alone, these compounds damage your body over time.  It is like having toxins in your body slowly eat away at your healthy cells.  


The ingredient called Pycnogenol from maritime pine tree bark in Isotonix OPC3 is attributed to part of its antioxidant benefits.  The ingredient grape seed extract can help with strengthened capillaries, arteries and veins and improved circulation.  This powerful Isotonix OPC3 isotonic solution can have anti-inflammatory properties found in the grape seed extract. 


By drinking your isotonic vitamin solution, no matter where you are in your life, you could benefit from taking this isotonic solution.  Market America Vitaminsa available at 

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Isotonix OPC3  has many benefits to help you achieve optimal health! More isotonic solution research available at

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